GraceWins Peer Support is a not-for-profit mental health peer support social enterprise.

Our purpose is to alleviate the suffering of those who struggle with mental health challenges, enable them to overcome these challenges, realize their unique potential and live their lives to the fullest.

We are a registered charity [A/C #: 79394 4109 RR0001].

Every single one of us is on a unique journey. Life. No two journeys have ever been the same. No two journeys will ever be.

All of us struggle to move forward in this journey. Struggle is good if we learn to accept it, to befriend it. It is essential if we are to grow into the special, beautiful, unique person each of us is created to be.

This journey of life is far more fulfilling in the companionship of people who care. Who walk alongside us. Supporting, encouraging, challenging us to be our best. Unconditionally. Non-judgmentally.

Especially through the dark times, the hard times. When we are low on hope, high on fear. When we are suffering with mental health challenges. And overwhelmed by the accompanying storm of shame, stigma, anxiety, depression, misunderstanding, loneliness…

At GraceWins we care. For we’ve been there. We find Joy in the privilege of walking alongside you as, together, you and us, we explore the possibilities of your unique potential. Learning from our past, from each other, in a relationship based on mutual respect and empowerment. To fully live in the present even as we move forward to realizing the fulfilling, meaningful life we are all created to live.