What we do

Whom we serve

Adults with Mental Health and Addictions Challenges

GraceWins Peer Support serves adults [18+] with mental health and / or addictions challenges. Our in-person Peer Support services, both individual and group, are offered in our office at [to be determined]. However, in keeping with our Client-centric approach, we are open to meeting with clients wherever it makes most sense for both the Client(s) and our team members. For example a Client and a GraceWins Peer Supporter might meet for a Peer Support conversation in a coffee shop or public place such as a park. Or we might conduct a Peer Support Group in a community centre or a school facility that is more accessible to the specific client group we are serving. Our virtual peer support services are available to any person that wants to avail of them regardless of geographic location.

New Canadians

Durham region is one of the fastest growing areas in Canada with the population expected to double by 2041. A significant part of this population growth is attributable to new Canadians/ immigrants, who account for over 30% of the population in Durham West sub region. In this population:

  • Stigma of mental illness tends to be higher than normal due to cultural factors
  • Awareness of MH&A supports is low
  • Attention to mental well being is lower on the priority relative to other pressing matters like settling in and employment

A third of the GraceWins team comprises first generation immigrants, including Percy, who leads GraceWins. As such we have experienced the challenges of being immigrants and are able to better connect to this population.

Indigineous Communities

The prevalence of mental health and addictions challenges is disproportionately high among indigenous communities relative to the general population. We partner with elders and healthcare leaders in First Nations communities in the Durham region to co-design culturally respectful Mental Health Peer Support services specific to the needs of the community. Our holistic Recovery-based approach to Peer Support, rooted in mutual respect and empowerment has much in common with the indigienous approaches to holistic healing. Indigineous Peer Supporters will be a central part of these services.

After Hours

There is a significant unmet need for mental health peer support services outside of the typical working hours [9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.] of peer support services currently available in the Durham region. Consider people who have full-time jobs or are attending college for example. To serve such people GraceWins offers peer support services outside of the typical work-day hours.