Who we are

The GraceWins Difference

Our Approach

It is expressly Client-centric and purposefully entrepreneurial in the sense that we are resolutely focused on Client Success through Peer Support – one client at a time – and financial accountability to the taxpayer and other funders. In the experience of Percy, the lead on the GraceWins project and other GraceWins team members, this is different from the institutional context within which an increasing number of Peer Support Services operate; they tend to be encumbered by characteristic attributes of large, public sector organizations: bureaucratic, policy-heavy, organization-centric, slow-moving, rigid, risk-averse. For example, where the client situation necessitates it, we will provide peer support to clients outside of the typical 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. service times of most current Peer Support services.  Another aspect of our Client-centric approach and commitment to transparency is Client participation in and digital access to their health information from inception by design. This would be within the purview of PHIPA [Personal Health Information Protection Act] Ontario.

Our People

We are not career mental health services professionals. We are a team of diverse professionals [sales, marketing, healthcare, social services, IT, retail, entrepreneurs, project management.…] who have ourselves experienced the suffering of mental illness; either first-hand as patients or as caregivers to people struggling with mental illness. What we have in common is a passion to alleviate mental health suffering, a commitment to our Values and excellence in the pursuit of our stated Purpose [see Appendix 1: GraceWins Ethos] 

Our Structure

Simple, flat, agile, flexible. Client-centric and responsive by design. A high-performing Dream Team of empowered individuals as different from the hierarchical, multi-layered, rigidly structured organization that currently typifies the mental health services space.

Our Ethos

The GraceWins Ethos  embodies the Spirit of this organization and the values that underlie why and how we do what we do.