After working within the social justice space for almost 20 years I started working at a Homeless Shelter and attempted to assist individuals to accomplish their goals to reduce poverty and escape addiction. I got involved in GraceWins Peer Supporter Training in order to gain education in the space, understand the theoretical frameworks and terminology within the industry but what I got was this and much more. GraceWins Peer Supporter training will not only assist you in supporting others in their transformations but also assist you in transforming yourself. It is a career development course but it feels like a personal development course and I am beyond grateful for having been a participant.
Chris Lockhart
Peer Supporter Training, July 2022
At GraceWins you will experience a supportive environment surrounded by peers who can relate to your life experiences. You will gain the knowledge and skills to assist others in their journey to wellness.
Pamela Lewis
Peer Supporter Training, July 2022
All I got to say about GraceWins is that the people who work there are AWESOME! They are loving, kind, compassionate and caring. I can’t wait to become a part of the GraceWins team.
Courtney Shakotko
Individual Peer Support, July 2022
It is such a wonderful opportunity to attend your art therapy classes.
Eiko Uehara
Art Therapy - Peer Support Group, July 2022
Ashley and Trisha have been so loving and kind to me. I'm glad that they are on the GraceWins team and I think they will make a big difference to many.
Courtney Shakotko
Sharing our Stories - Peer Support Group, July 2022
These Lakeside JAMs give me a good reason to get out of bed on Saturday morning. I come to connect with friends, enjoy the singing and the lakefront. Thank you for doing this.
Wayne Wilson
GraceWins JAM, August 2022
I have been blessed by GraceWins to receive both support and training. The greatest attribute that GraceWins offers is they believe no one is beyond hope. Their support and training helped me have an empathic heart, a non-judgemental mindset, establish boundaries, stop overthinking, live in the moment, and let go of the past. It is my belief that by being taught to be true to myself, I can help others to help themselves by the Grace of God. Thank you for all your support GraceWins.
Francine Sampogna
Peer Supporter Training, Organizing to Maximize - Peer Support Group, Individual Peer Support, August 2022
I am forever grateful to GraceWins for the knowledge I've gained by taking this course. They are genuinely interested in helping clients navigate through the recovery journey. I highly recommend GraceWins to any person who wants to become a better version of themselves!
Patrice Lamb
Peer Supporter Training, Organizing to Maximize - Peer Support Group, August 2022
My son who suffers from severe chronic schizophrenia has been eagerly attending the GraceWins JAM as often as possible, and I have been attending with him, i.e. driving him to beautiful Lakeview Park in Oshawa. The singing is such a joyous, uplifting event, not only for 'singers' with mental health issues, but their families, friends and young children. All are warmly welcomed and they are certainly enjoying it just as much. The JAM repertoire includes many contemporary and traditional popular songs. Percy's infectious smile and great enthusiasm, accompanied by his guitar-strumming, seem to be irresistible to everyone: participants are encouraged to choose their favourite songs from the books of Lyrics, and everyone joins in with great gusto (albeit many out of tune...which adds to the charm.) This is such an important portion of the "recovery journey" for people with mental health issues, a program with enormous benefits and value indeed. After all: "Singing helps a troubled soul" to quote Johnny Cash whose songs are in the Lyrics-books as well. Thank you for all you are doing.
Anneli Lewin
GraceWins JAM, September 2022
I am beyond thankful for your reconsideration to be a part of this journey. I have this feeling inside I can't put into words, but it brings me peace, hope, guidance, personal experience of my peers and encouragement for myself and the group!
Stacy Brennan
Peer Supporter Training, October 2022
I have got a lot out of the Abuse Peer Support Group for Women with Pam. In fact I would like to sign up for it again. I still have some questions and more of my story to share. Pam has helped me understand, trust, recognize red flags and abusive type of people. Also because the group members share their experience and stories it makes me feel less alone.
Carol Schranz
Abuse Peer Support Group for Women, December 2022
Percy is an excellent teacher with a great perspective on life. He breaks down the course into a very understandable, manageable format. He is easy to talk to and is knowledgeable on many topics. This course is one I will frequently go over to ensure I don’t forget it as time passes as I have found it extremely useful. Very glad I took it and would suggest it to everyone, as we all have goals and dreams and this course will give you a great mindset to achieve them.
Nathaniel Allard
Carpe Diem: Organizing Ourselves to Maximize Time, December 2022